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Listing your business with us is the easiest way to reach the men and women of our armed forces. Our network of sites provide the information our military and their families need when relocating to a new duty station. This information includes the local businesses, like you, that cater to the military around each installation.

Our on line tools allow the military to gather your information even before they move to your area.

Upload your information into a well laid out advertisement: Business name, telephone, email, website link, address, map, photos, specials, features and an optional splash web page. Your splash web page can be customized to further your internet footprint. Your business name will appear in the URL for ease of use and search engine optimization.

  • Reach a targeted group of people seeking your services
  • Build your ad and place it on the website you want in three steps
  • Increase your internet footprint
  • Make life easier for our military personnel and their families
  • Limit of 4 per category so your ad will always be easily found
  • Excellent value for your advertising dollar: A one year listing is $449!

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